The fashionable way to make your to-dos unforgettable.
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It's an icon bracelet to help jog your memory.

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The customizable icons are easy to unsnap when you complete your task!


Pick your favorite bracelet color to match your style.

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The snaps are also used as an adjustable closure so it fits just the way you like it.

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Available in 7 color options to match any outfit.

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Choose a standard bracelet size between 6-9 inches, or we can make a custom size for the perfect fit. Snaps are almost 1" apart, so the number of snaps will be one less than the length in inches. The 6" bracelet fits 5 snaps at a time and 9" fits 8.

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Evolution of the Rememblet

  • School Invention Convention

    April 12, 2018
    Chagrin Falls, Ohio

    The first contest wasn't very intimidating because it was just in my school gym and the judges were all teachers and most of them I knew. A few days later during our Invention Convention class time, Mr. Volk, my teacher, announced the ones that moved on to the state competition. One of the names he announced was mine! They even talked about it in the news!

  • State Invention Convention

    July 29, 2018
    Ohio State Fair, Columbus

    OK, this one was very exciting, scary, and intimidating! I enjoyed walking around the Ohio State Fair a bit before judging started. Once we got to the competition building I got to set up my presentation and then walk around and see my friend's inventions. I tried to stay calm on the outside, even though my insides were going crazy! I was SOO surprised when they called my name for the "Edison Award" (Best in Show). I still can't believe it! There were even some local articles on and Geauga County news about my experience.

  • National Invention Convention

    May 31–June 2, 2019
    Dearborn, Michigan

    I'm very excited to have been chosen to participate in the national convention. What a fun experience to meet so many other inventors and make new friends. The Henry Ford Museum was fantastic! Can't wait to go back and visit again. It was quite a surprise to win the Design and Engineering Innovation award in Consumer Goods and Fashion! Check out the video of me accepting my award, or the highlights video.

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(Mom) Chief Financial Officer


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(Brother) QA Tester


(Sister) Moral Support

I'd like to give a shout out to my family because I really couldn't have done all of this without all the support and help they have provided.

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